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Adding a BLTouch to a Creality CR-10S running Marlin 2 Firmware

Migrating Kodi to MariaDB, with locked-down permissions and no import/export

OctoPrint Power Outage Handling

On The Creation, Use, and Management of Docker Images

Galaxy S10 / Android 9 alarm app broken by battery optimization

Arch Linux on a Dell Precision 5530 / XPS 15 9570 Laptop

Twilio Programmable Wireless PPP Proxy Docker Image

2018 in Review

AWS re:Invent 2018: My Experience and Recommendations for Next Time

Inexpensive $26USD 1080p WiFi Camera

Open Source WiFi Site Survey Heatmap Tool

Home Automation and Security System Overview

Better Logging for AppDaemon Apps

Shamelessly Over-Engineered Coax Lightning Protector

IP Camera, Home Security and Automation Update

New Home Router - Partaker I5

Linux Surveillance Camera Software Evaluation

Amcrest IP Camera First Impressions

AWS ElasticSearch for Ad-Hoc ELB Log Analysis

DIY Raspberry Pi Zero GPS Track Logger

Cloud Custodian Architecture, Deployment and Policy Preprocessing

Pre-Authorized AWS Console URLs for Notifications

Python script to check xfinity data usage

VyOS on Alix 2C1 Single Board Computer

Yesterday’s Widespread Internet Outage, for non-geeks

OpenSSH changing hostnames based on location

The Psychological Side of Remote Work

Tooling for AWS - webhooks to SQS via API Gateway and Lambda

A Short Comment on Gun Rights in America

Terraform Shortcomings - No Interpolated Default Values, No Functions, No Conditionals, Local State Storage

Raspberry Pi Security System

A Rant on Post-Secondary Tech Education

Puppetlabs Beaker SUTs with GUI / Non-Headless

AwsLimitChecker - Check Your AWS Usage Against Service Limits

Visualization of when I’m working on personal vs work projects

Local S3 Server to Acceptance Test Netflix Ice Installation In Isolation

Jira to Trello Script

My New-found Love of Trello and a Helpful GreaseMonkey Script

Some Additional Serverspec Types

RSpec Matcher For Hash Item Value

AWS CloudFormation and RDS Snapshots

Watching Jenkins Jobs and CloudFormation Updates with Pushover Notification

Idea for a Generic Method to Communicate Repository/Project Status

Managing EC2 SSH Keys - An Idea

Pushover Notifications for Shell Command Completion and Status

Session Save and Restore with Bash and GNU Screen

How Yum and RPM Compare Versions

bashrc Vagrant / VirtualBox reminder

Remotely-controlled deck.js slide presentations - A Script to Snapshot a Graphite Dashboard

NSA Targeting SysAdmins

Python script to backup Disqus comments

Blog Moved from Self-hosted WordPress to Pelican on GitHub Pages

Wordpress to Pelican with Disqus comments

Converting WordPress Posts to Pelican MarkDown

Planning Migration from WordPress to Static Site

Testing GPG Key Passphrases

Quick Tip: Timestamping bash history

Python script to check a list of URLs for return code, and final return code if redirected

Modern (0.10.x+) NodeJS RPMs on CentOS/REHL 5 and 6

Script to easily rebuild a SRPM

Git Cheat Sheet

Search for a small-scale but automated RPM build system

Environment Variable Substitution in Apache httpd Configs

RPM Spec Files for nodejs 0.9.5 and v8 on CentOS 6

Fedora Linux and OSX Dual Boot on Mid-2010 (6,2) 15” MacBook Pro Laptop

Fedora Init Script Specification Summary

Random Links for Wednesday, October 24th

Readable Nagios Log Timestamps

Custom Tombstone and Road Sign Pictures

All-Mechanical Computer Instructional Video

Pretty-Print a JSON response at the command line

Nagstamon on Fedora 17

New Job

Some questions from a tech interview with a big Internet company

Dumping all Macros from an RPM Spec File

Getting oVirt up and running

Project - Storing and Analyzing Apache httpd Logs from Many Hosts

Some PowerDNS Links and Interesting Features

Wordpress - Automatically publish a pending post each weekday morning from a PHP script

Interesting Systems Links for September 3, 2012

RVM and Ruby 1.9 to test logstash grok patterns on Fedora/CentOS

Piwik Web Analytics, and some unfortunate stats about my blog

Puppet facter facts for syslog daemon type and version, symantec netbackup

Puppet facter fact for all applied classes, returned as a CSV list

Puppet facter fact for last applied configuration version

Setting emacs zone-mode based on path

Patch to Puppet Dashboard 1.2.10 to show arbitrary facts in the main node table

Workflow for contributing to GitHub projects

Easily comparing a bunch of files in one directory

Dear Mom and Dad - or, a book about what I actually do

Logging OpenSSH SFTP Transactions

Nagios Check Plugin for Rsnapshot Backups

What I Look For When Interviwing SysAdmin Candidates

Tools for watching apache httpd and memcached

Emacs Mode Variable for HTML

Script to Chart Intervals Between Problem and Recovery from Nagios/Icinga Log Files

Apache httpd - logging for sites with and without load balancing

Creating RPMs from Perl CPAN Modules

Perl script to convert F5 BigIp VIP address to list of internal pool member addresses

SysAdmin Links of The Day

Instagram - Scaling a Startup

A Collection of Great Links on Monitoring, SysAdmin, Scaling, etc.

What Does a Sysadmin Look Like in 10 Years?

CentOS/Fedora Install on SuperMicro Servers via IPMI Card KVM Over IP

Adjusting the VirtualBox F12 BIOS Boot Prompt Timeout

Rsync on an Android phone

Python script to find dependency cycles in GraphViz dot files

Github as a repository in Redmine

CVS to SVN to Git

Adding Piwik Web Analytics Integration to ViewVC

New Blog Theme

Leap Year Windows Azure Cloud Outage

Some Thoughts on Choosing a New Wordpress Theme

Inaccuracies in Google Analytics for Website Stats

World of Warcraft Realm Status Check Plugin for Nagios

MediaWiki - Preformatted Text within Lists

Meld - Graphical Diff Tool for SVN Directories

Using VirtualBox Remotely

Nagios Check Plugin for Linode Monthly Bandwidth Usage

VMWare vSphere CLI and Perl SDK as an RPM

Nagios / Icinga Configuration Highlighting with GeSHi

Sending AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Messages from a Perl Script

The state of Puppet External Node Classifiers

Petit for Log Analysis

F5 BigIp - Manually Changing Session Persistence Cookies on the Client Side

GNU Screen and Multiple Regions

Using Templates to Track Outdated Content in a Documentation MediaWiki

Synaptics touchpad driver synclient in Fedora 16 / Xorg with UDEV

Two Interesting Conference Presentations

SOPA Blackouts

PHP Script to Query Linode DNS Manager API

Secure rsnapshot backups over the WAN via SSH

WP-Syntax Plugin GeSHi Path Fix

Puppet Syntax Highlighting with GeSHi

Firefox QR Code Generator

Vyatta - Showing ISC dhcpd fixed-address leases

php-suhosin syslog issues

Blackberry Oops

Vyatta NetworkOS router/firewall on Alix board / Compact Flash

New server, and looking for work

Quick and Simple Timestamping of Debug Logs

Linux Memory Usage and Disk Caching

Article on

A Quick Review of - from both a user and programmer perspective

Netgear ReadyNAS 1100 Bug causes NFS Failure after reboot - workaround

Links for Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Simple Diagrams of MySQL Schema

Links for Thursday, April 28, 2011

Using wireshark to capture packets from a remote host

Consolidation of nmap port scan results to HTML table

Vyatta VC5 - Snort alerts to syslog

Downtime Last Night; Coping with outages on a shoestring budget

Managing Ubiquiti Networks MAC ACLs from a script

Links for Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to get actual login username when using sudo su

Client-side subversion commit message hooks

Net Neutrality - What is it, and what will the recent FCC decision do?

MySQL General Query Log and Awk Trimming Columns

Highlighting matches with grep and less

Links for Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Handling mailto links on another computer

Links for Friday, November 12, 2010

Ignoring SVN directories and save files with grep

How to make software distribution secure

Getting Sun iLOM information within Linux

Getting WoW working on OpenSuSE under Wine

Motorola Droid: Rooted 2.0.1 to Rooted 2.2 (CyanogenMod)

Documentation generation for web apps - PHP and JavaScript

Mediawiki Extension - Section Link To Top

PHP Script to Dump Firefox Session

My Droid Rooting Dilemma

PC vs Mac

Updated Android App List

WiFi tether for Droid

Links for Thursday, August 12, 2010

Links for Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Putting the Why in Documentation

Short Update

New MacBook Pro; Dual boot with Linux

Truck Totaled

Web-based collaboration/documentation software

What is System Administration?

Xen/Etherboot and DHCP Problems

DHCP Debugging and Handy TCPdump filters

Apache catchall vhost

BIND9 Dynamic DNS

Happy April Fool’s Day

Syslog from KickStart / Anaconda

Virtualization Options

Downtime past few days, coping with storms

Nagios check scripts

Links for Friday, March 12, 2010

Hiring Technical People

Slashdot - A Public Funded “Microsoft Shop?”

Cablevision Reaches out to touch someone

The Newest Generation of Hackers

Links for Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New web server, WP optimization

My Android Apps

On FIle Sharing, DRM, and customer choice

Links for Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Cartoon about Me

Parsing Nagios status.dat in PHP

Thunderbird SSL “Domain Name Mismatch”

Apache2 - list Name-Based Virtual Hosts

Using nmap to quickly ping all hosts in an address range

Subversion ‘is missing or not locked’ error

Interesting Links for Tuesday, January 26th 2010

Federal Government: Ignoring what we learned 5,000 years ago

Android 2.0.1 update

Book Comments: The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It, by Jonathan Zittrain

Using Google Maps to produce usable, printable maps

Making maps from GIS data with Inkscape

Android links - maps, dial a phone number

root on a Cyclades ACS console server

Droid Camera problem solved

Motorola Droid - Volume way too low

Weekend of Code (Android)

Running a script on USB drive insertion


Nagios and check plugins run as root

Nagios check_by_ssh and NAT

Puppet problems with hostname in autosign.conf - Invalid pattern

Project Announcement - PHPsa

First big Android … fisaco

rsyslog on CentOS5

DNS Move

September 2009 Project Updates

Dealing with unplanned downtime - productively

Apache holding strong, IIS declining

DNS - Open Source rules

Microsoft submits driver code for Linux kernel

New Projects

Problems with

Update on my F-250 - Icom mobile, antennas, strobes

Daily Work - Nagios SNMP traps, Vyatta, upgrades

Netgear ReadyNAS 1100 and long UID numbers

Blinkenlights (blinkenlichten)

Please Don’t resize my browser

Cisco CatOS GBIC Information

HP Prolaint iLO SSH Problems

300 hits

Changing the title of a Konsole window

Acer X233Hbid Review

OpenSuSE Internet2 Mirror

Building a Rebuild-able Site

Brother HL2170W DHCP Problems

New Idea for Updates

Brother HL-2170W - great features from a personal laser printer

Lazy Spammers

Many Many Changes; Downtime

Big Changes to

My Take on the MS TomTom Suit

Vyatta Initial Impressions

ROUThost DNS problems; GoDaddy and Security through Obscurity

Online Exams and Reality

Why DRM is bad for consumers

My Dream Network

Community Datacenter

My Birthday!

How To Wipe a Bunch of Machines Quickly

Truck Wiring and Lighting - Part I

Custom truck console

Wordpress Installation, Finished

Verizon Wireless uses Mantis for ticketing

WordPress… Finally!


Finally - CSS for Printing

My biggest problem with Linux

T-Mobile G1 (Googlephone) and VoIP?


Interesting Links for 2008-10-22

Interesting Links for 2008-10-21

LinuxJournal - NetBooks

Interesting Links for 2008-09-18

New Project - Blog Migration to WordPress

Internet Security, Microsoft Lies

Delicious Problems? 503

Going away for a while

Hardware Inventory System

Microsoft and Novell Deliver Joint Virtualization Solution - or do they?

eeePC stronger than ever

Possible Downtime this weekend

LIRC and Hauppauge PVR-150 on OpenSuSE 11.0

Linux, Choice, Updates, CitiBank issues

SunFire Information

Interesting Links for 2008-08-06

Interesting Links for 2008-08-01

Interesting Links for 2008-07-31

Massive Updates

Interesting Links for 2008-07-09

JavaScript and Emacs, and updates

Practical PHP and MySQL

Interesting Links for 2008-06-20

Custom MediaWiki Sidebar; New Blog?

Firefox 3!!!!

Firefox 3 Finally Out!


New Project

OpenOffice Calc formula for IP addresses

Interesting Links for 2008-05-28

Interesting Links for 2008-05-27

SunSPOT Update

Getting SunSPOTs working under OpenSuSE 10.1

Interesting Links for 2008-05-12

Interesting Links for 2008-05-08

Interesting Links for 2008-05-07

SunSPOT; CarPC; MediaWiki Logging

Madwifi on the eeePC

Interesting Links for 2008-05-01

Interesting Links for 2008-04-24

Interesting Links for 2008-04-23

Interesting Links for 2008-04-22

Web Traffic for - Webalizer, Site Maps

Centralized Storage via SFTP

Mac to TTF font conversion

Interesting Links for 2008-04-09

Interesting Links for 2008-04-08

Interesting Links for 2008-04-05

Interesting Links for 2008-04-04

Interesting Links for 2008-04-03

Switch Shopping; the Law of Gross Tonnage

Where are we going and what’s with the handbasket?

IEI HubMax Access Control and Linux

Interesting Links for 2008-03-27

Interesting Links for 2008-03-26

Rutgers Student Linux Group and Sun

Interesting Links for 2008-03-25

Where have I gone?

Flash - Why do you have to be the way you are?

Backups of data in the ether

Cable Management, Power Measurements, Major Outage, Cacti

Microsoft $1.35B poorer

Microsoft… again

Making Available finally recognized for the sham it is

February 26, 2008

Links for 2008-02-23

Update, Eventum/MySQLTicketing Integration

Rainy Day Link Updates

Links for the weekend of February 10, 2008

F/OSS Monitoring Comparison - Hyperic Part I

Network Monitoring (lack of) Progress

Network Monitoring Trials - Part I

Google Loves Me! and Monitoring System Testing

Big Plans - Major Infrastructure Upgrades

Asus eeePC Update

Network Monitoring

I’m sorry, but I don’t like this contract anymore.

700MHz - Salvation or more of the same?

eeePC, Solaris, other updates

Piracy and options

Sun and MySQL

Solaris Update, Hardware Photos, SMF Manifests, Nagios Plugins


Testing blog via email on my Treo

Links, Update on next month

Stallman and Free Software

Facebook Beacon; Linux in the Real World; Blog Updates

Sun Blade 150 working!

SunBlade Workstations

Tech - Updates

Commentary - Best Products, or most hype?

Windows advances, Cutting out the middle-man

Cutting out the middle man - Now Facebook stalks you!

Short Commentary

Print Accounting

Open Letter to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

New Project, Thoughts on Development

Solaris, Linux News

Updates, SuSE Online Update Issues

Blacklists, Network Performance, New Project, XKCD

Website, Blog, Bacula

Microsoft, Sun, School News

Why Doesn’t it Just Work

Sun Blog


Sun, Solaris, other fun stuff

Bug/Issue Tracking - Update / Review of Eventum

PCpro UK: Boycott ad-blocking Firefox, urges furious web designer

Bug / Issue Tracking Software

The Death of a Disk

Access control in ViewVC


Poor PHP

Computer Science?

APC AP9605 PowerNet SNMP Card

Managing G1 Proliant Servers with modern Linux

Relational / Object-Oriented Asset Management

Why hasn’t Linux caught up to Windows?

Support Open Source

The Big Name consipracy - and SSL certs

The ultimate Geek alarm clock!

Well, I did it…