As you may have noticed, some Firefox 3 buttons have popped up not only here on my blog, but also on my wiki. While adding the buttons to Blogger was a simple addition to the template, getting them in the sidebar of MediaWiki wasn’t exactly as easy (yeah, I’m considering the arduous project of moving my whole 102+ page wiki to Drupal or another good F/OSS CMS).

After some serious grepping through the source, and adding HTML comments to see where they appeared, I finally found a solution to add the button to the MediaWiki sidebar - though I’d really like it to appear below the search box (I guess that’s something for my to-do list). I’m using the MonoBook skin (though somewhat modified). I’m using “MonoBook nouveau”, and it should be the version that shipped with MW 1.10.1. In this version, I added the code around line 166. Specifically, this was added before the <div id="p-search" class="portlet"> line, and after the end of the foreach ($this->data['sidebar'] as $bar => $cont) loop. This threw the button in a box directly above the search box, and below all of my sidebar links.

The code looked something like:

<?php } ?>
<!-- firefox link added to MonoBook.php by jantman 2008-06-18 -->
<div class='portlet' id='p-logos'>
<h5>Cool Stuff</h5>
<div class='pBody'>
<li><a href="" target="_blank">
<img border="0" alt="Firefox 3" title="Firefox 3" src=""/>
<!-- end firefox link -->
<div id="p-search" class="portlet">

In other news, I’m taking a Data Driven Websites class this summer (PHP/MySQL, but for some reason they switched to a Windows server… endless problems, and I can’t even edit with Nano on the server, let alone emacs). Our first project was to build a blog engine, which I’m working on right now. Anyway, it got me thinking… the one thing that Blogger is missing is the ability to post to a given category, and allow users to view or subscribe to a specific category (or everything). So I think I may look into writing something like that myself, if I can’t find a good alternative that’s already done and is F/OSS. Regardless, I’ll probably be keeping the Blogger template as well as (ugh) moving over all of my current posts, which Blogger chose to store in raw HTML. So there’s going to be a lot of parsing on my future…

PS - When I get a new blog engine, I’m also going to go for a slightly modified template that uses relative widths and placement - so that code, like the snippet here, fits the screen correctly.


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