Here’s the current list of the apps that are running on my Droid and seem interesting (I’m still running 2.0.1, build ESD56). This is an update to my earlier post, My Android Apps, so I left out everything that was already in that post.

This list was generated with MyAppsList, though I did massage it a bit after generation (mainly because it copied text that was all on one line, though it does output HTML with market links and the apps in li elements). The simple script to make the output a little more blog-friendly is:

cat apps.txt | sed 's/<\/li>/<\/li>  
/g' | sed 's///g' | sed 's/<\/font>//g' | sed 's///g'
  • Adobe Reader (v9.0.1) - full version of Adboe Reader
  • Altitude Free (v1.0.5) - Shows your current altitude from GPS.
  • AndroZip (v1.0.1) - Good all-around file manager and archive manager.
  • arcMedia (v0.24b) - Media (video) player.
  • Barnacle Wifi Tether (v0.5.1)
  • Bluetooth File Transfer (v3.40) - Good tool for transferring arbitrary files, contacts, etc. over bluetooth.
  • Bookmarking for (v1.3.2) - Delicious bookmarking, so I can now keep my Droid in sync with all of my desktops, laptops, etc.
  • ConvertPad - Unit Converter (v1.4.2) Simple but full-featured unit converter. Need to know how many twips there are in a fathom? No problem…
  • (v1.3.47) - cool app that reads incoming SMS to you. Can automatically activate when it connects to bluetooth.
  • gReader (v1.6.8) - Good RSS reader with sync to Google Reader and automatic sync of articles for offline viewing.
  • Handcent SMS (v3.2.6) - Just got this, still figuring it out, but appears to be a much nicer messaging app with popups (including reply box) for incoming SMS, nicer view, etc.
  • My Verizon Mobile (v5.0)
    • Verizon’s app that shows your current monthly minute, SMS, and data usage, as well as other stuff.
  • MyAppsList (v1.4 BETA) - App used to generate this list.
  • Package Tracking (v1.9b) - Simple package tracking for UPS, FedEx, etc. Unfortunately it doesn’t provide any notifications and it only remembers one tracking number at a time.
  • PdaNet (v2.42) - USB or Bluetooth tethering (official client software is Mac and Windows only).
  • Ping (v1.6.9) - Ping app.
  • Python for Android (v0) - Python interpreter for SL4A. So far, it doesn’t seem to be able to do too much in my opinion.
  • ShopSavvy (v3.6.6) - Scan a bar code, see the lowest prices for that product both online and in local stores.
  • SL4A (v0) - Scripting environment for Android with pluggable interpreters. So far, it seems to be missing a lot of Android classes that would make it useful for doing device-specific things (like listing installed apps).
  • VoiceMemo (v1.0.1) - Simple voice memo app. I use it quite a bit, but there’s no simple way to email SMSes, it only titles them by date and time recorded, and it doesn’t keep the phone awake (recordings seem limited to 60 seconds or so).


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