So in the first bit of good news lately, after four years as a part-timer, this Monday I start my full-time position at Rutgers as a Linux SysAdmin. Not really anything different - same office, same work, just another day a week and a pay bump (plus benefits and all that). My only real change on the first day will be a 3-hour HR orientation and moving my workstation to public address space. But, on the positive side, my new laptop just came in - a shiny new 13” MacBook Pro, 2.4GHz Core2 Duo, 4GB RAM, 250GB HDD. Every time I see Mac packaging, I remember why they cost so much - the box must be half the price!

MacBook Pro

If all goes well, I’ll have the machine setup to dual-boot OSX and Linux (specifically OpenSuSE 11.2. I’ll post notes when I have it done.

The list of things I have to figure out beyond just getting both OSes running:

  • Do I want to use Mac for more than a select few apps that require it (i.e. possibly as another day-to-day OS)? If so, I need to figure out file sharing between the OSes, what I want unified from my profiles/homedirs, Firefox profile sharing, etc.
  • How to do a simple shared partition?
  • FUSE/SSHFS on the Mac side.
  • Is there a way to select the boot OS (rEFIt) from Linux?

Stay tuned…


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