Well, I got the SPOTs working on my system. It was a bit of a pain, but it worked.

  1. Uninstall ALL of java, jdk, netbeans, and remove user’s SunSPOT directory.
  2. Totally remove /usr/java /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/java-1.4.0 /usr/lib/java-1.4.1 /usr/lib/java-1.4.2 /usr/lib/java-1.5.0 /usr/lib/java-ext /usr/lib/jvm /usr/lib/jvm-exports /usr/lib/jvm-private
  3. Totally remove your .netbeans
  4. Install the jdk6
  5. Install netbeans6.1
  6. Login as your normal user, run Netbeans. Install the SunSPOT plugins from Bruno Ghisi’s blog - http://weblogs.java.net/blog/brunogh/archive/2008/04/starting_with_s.html
  7. Install ant
  8. Symlink /usr/local/netbeans to /usr/local/netbeans-6.1
  9. Here, ant -version failed for me. I had to run ant —execdebug many many times and do a *lot* of symlinking.
  10. Install SunSPOT sdk through SPOTManager.
  11. To install demos, under “Preferences” select “Beta Update Center”, change Network Timeout, go back to SDKs and install Purple demos.
  12. cd into \~/SunSPOT/sdk, ln -s ../Demos Demos
  13. Go back to NetBeans (exit SPOTManager) and open the TelemetryDemo-onSpot.
  14. Now it WORKS!


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