So, I’ve been plodding along after troubleshooting some VPN issues with my Solaris workstation that I use for Sun work. After that, I started work on the Xen box. Big surprise - none of the PS/2 inputs are working. I knew that the PS/2 riser card was loose, but now I can’t get any input. I gave a USB mouse and keyboard a shot, but it’s flat-out impossible to use them with a 1U slide-out KVM console. So, back to my room and VNC.

Now, problem 2. I’m trying to use the SuSE/YaST builtin VM manager. Unfortunately, it can’t read half of my known-good SuSE CDs, and for some reason the other half come up with a mysterious error that it can’t find /tmp/{random string}/suse/i586/install-initrd-1.0-72.i586.rpm. This is most troubling because I have 2 VMs setup on the machine, and installed them both without a problem.

By now a new OpenSuSE 10.3-KDE .iso should be done downloading (thank God for a 1.5Mbps download rate at home), so I’ll keep hacking away at it…


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