Just a quick little tip, I happened by the Mobile Barcoder Firefox add-on the other day. It’s a Firefox add-on that generates QR Code barcodes for text or links, right in your browser. While my Droid3 has a full keyboard, sometimes I still want to quickly send links from my desktop browser session to my phone. Firefox Sync helps a lot but is a bit slow on the phone (since I usually have 100+ tabs open between all of my desktop Firefox sessions), and email is an option but a bit slower.

There are two caveats about this add-on though:

  1. The feature to generate a QR code for the URL of the current page shows up in the status bar, which isn’t shown in modern versions of Firefox. You’ll need to enable the Add-on bar.
  2. It uses the http://mobilecodes.nokia.com/ server to generate barcodes, so it’s dependent on connectivity and that service.


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