This question was posted both to the SAGE-members list (thread) and to ServerFault:

Looking for some advice here, as my search has turned up to be pretty fruitless.

My group (9 people - SAs, programmers, and two network guys) is looking for some sort of web tool to… ahem… “facilitate increased collaboration” (we didn’t use a buzzword generator, I swear). At the moment, we have an unified ticketing system that’s braindead, but is here to stay for political/logistical reasons. We’ve got 2 wikis (“old” and “new”), neither of which fulfill our needs, and are therefore not used very often. We’re looking for a free (as in both cost and open source) web-based tool.

Management side:
Wants to be able to track project status, who’s doing what, whether deadlines are being met, etc. Doesn’t want full-fledged “project management” app, just something where we can update “yeah this was done” or “waiting for Bob to configure the widgets”. TeamBox was suggested, but it seems almost too gimmicky (Twitter/Facebook ripoff?), and doesn’t seem to meet any of the other requirements that I see coming up:

Non-management side:
- flexible, powerful wiki for all documentation (i.e. includes good tables, easy markup, syntax highlighting, etc.)
- good full text search of everything (i.e. type in a hostname and get every instance anyone ever uttered that name)
- task lists or ToDo lists, hopefully about to be grouped into a number of “projects”
- file uploads
- RSS or Atom feeds, email alerts of updates

We’re open to doing some customizations (adding some features, notification/feeds, searching, SVN integration, etc.) but need something F/OSS that will run under Apache.

My conundrum is that most of the choices I’ve found so far fall into one of these categories:
- project management/task tracking with poor wiki/documentation/knowledge base support
- wiki with no task tracking support
- ticketing system with everything else bolted on (we already have one that we’re stuck with)
- code-centric application (we do little “development”, mostly SA work)

Any suggestions?

Or, lacking that, any comments on which software would be easiest to add the lacking features to (hopefully ending up with something that actually looks good and works well)?

I’m still awaiting responses from both SAGE and ServerFault, but I have a strong feeling that most of the suggestions will fall into one of the major categories I already identified, mainly:

  1. Project management/task tracking with poor wiki/documentation support (a la TeamBox)
  2. Wiki with no task tracking support
  3. Ticketing system with everything else added in (useless since we already have to use a different ticketing system).
  4. Something code-centric, i.e. built around a software development workflow, which isn’t us.

So, I have a very strong feeling that whatever solution we end up going with, we’ll need to spend quite a bit of time bolting on whatever else we need. Adding a full-featured wiki to another package isn’t going to be very easy… especially since TeamBox is written in RoR, and we’re mostly PHP guys.


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