Some links for today:

Microsoft’s new promised on interoperability, open standards. etc. - somewhat ironic given the Office Open XML debacle on “standards”. And Red Hat’s worries about it. (Ars Technica)

Groklaw’s lengthy analysis of the promises.

Pakistan removed from the Internet, causes global YouTube outage.

A Guardian article on the WikiLeaks debacle - perhaps the biggest affront to the First Amendment this year.

AnInformationWeek article about some guys from BlackHat D.C. who said that they will be able to crack GSM encryption in under 30 minutes with $1,000 of technology or 30 seconds with $100,000 (FPGAs - Maybe a cluster of PS3’s?)

A Princeton Unviersity blog about cold boots possibly able to crack the Windows BitLocker system.

Yay! Firefox has hit its’ 500 Millionth download!!! And there was much rejoicing…

An ArsTechnica article on Internet Explorer, what should be done to fix it, and how there can still be a non-standards-compliant browser.

Jeremy’s Blog - the mind behind - provides a recap of the 2007 LQ Members’ Choice awards. Some interesting winners were VirtualBox for virtualization package, Debain for server distro, Knoppix for Live Distro, Eclipse for IDE/Web Development Environment, Python for language of the year, and - much to my chagrin - vi/vim for editor.

A LinuxJournal article on What’s Next for Open Source and Public Meida.

LinuxInsider - EU taking Microsoft’s promises with a grain of salt, noting that MS has made “at least four similar statements” in the past.

Chris Siebenmann - Where the risk is with virtualization (and iSCSI) and Wireless, machine rooms, and the Asus eeePC.

IBM DeveloperWorks - OOXML: What’s the big deal? - outlining the technical objections to OOXML as a standard. Linked from a article mentioning that “OOXML is essentially a complete replication of every chunk of data that a Microsoft Office application might possibly save in a file”.

Slashdot YRO - a guy who got hist stock photos stolen, entered into a long legal battle, and won.

Microsoft’s Windows Vista Capable lawsuit granted class-action status.

A Washington Post article on Hans Reiser’s Geek Defense strategy.

A Slashdot post linking to news that Apple sent a cease-and-decist order to the Hymn Project, which produces software to remove DRM from iTunes songs. Apple had their ISP remove all download links. (I guess the only solution is for us all to buy bandwidth right from a NSP…)

Yahoo’s shareholders are suing it for not gobbling up the Microsoft deal.

Comcast getting sued AGAIN for P2P filtering.

A leaked RIAA training video for prosecutors, going so far as to say that IP piracy can lead to arrests for drugs, weapons, or terrorism. It also includes instructions on how to get a RIAA investigator certified as a court expert.

A New York Times article on - gasp - women using the Internet. Linked from Tom Limoncelli’s blog.


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