For quite some time, I’ve been frustrated with Blogger. First of all, its’ publishing system is horribly inefficient. As everything is static HTML, at this point, writing this blog entry alone will require it to re-publish approximately 6 MB to my server. Seems sort’a pointless. Not to mention, it doesn’t allow any of the stuff that I really want, such as multiple categories with per-category RSS, or good searching. It also means that, though this blog is hosted on my own server, I’m dependent on Blogger to add posts.

I’m still horribly busy dealing with insurance companies and the police in relation to my stolen truck, as well as looking around and trying to figure out what my next vehicle will be, and how much I can spend on it.

Anyway, I’ve decided that at some point in the future, I’ll be migrating to WordPress for the blog. It will, of course, be hosted on my own machine, and will hopefully also include a migration of everything from this Blogger account. And, somehow, will include some sort of redirection from old posts to the relevant new ones. Most importantly, though, I plan on deferring the project until I get my multiple static IP service from Optimum Online, as the new blog (and the rest of my subdomains) will be moved from GoDaddy forwarding to their own subdomains setup as Apache name-based VHosts.

Stay tuned for progress updates…


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