I’m not sure how I did it, but I’ve had my Droid for a few hours under a week - the phone’s uptime is about 187 hours - and I’ve already got a major problem. Sometime this weekend, somehow, the volume for everything got set way too low. Incoming call ringer, notifications, alarms, Google Maps Navigation, everything seems to be playing through the speaker at the regular in-call volume - i.e. the volume that it should be at if the handset is up to my ear.

I happened by one blog post mentioning this issue. The two resolutions mentioned were a soft reset and a replacement of the phone. Hoping for the former, I performed a soft reset - using the good ‘ol Ctrl + Alt + Del sequence - and this seems to have fixed it. Now I just have to hope that it stays fixed…

My personal theory is that some application - whether a code problem or a crash - left the speaker in a low-volume state. Most likely was my poking around in the hidden menus which, at one point, killed the Phone app process.


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