Lately I’ve been doing a bunch of work with packer building Vagrant machine images, and using serverspec to run automated acceptance tests on the images. Unfortunately, this ends up being a ~40-minute cycle time for the full image to provision and test. So, lots of watching text slowly scroll down a screen, and finding something else to do. It’s the weekend; I want to get this project finished, but I’ve got other things to do.

So, I wrote a little bash wrapper around jnwatts’ Assuming wherever you put this is in your path, simply prefix any command with pushover, and you’ll get a handy Pushover notification when it completes, along with the exit status and some other useful information.

# Notify command completion and exit status via pushover
# uses from

APIKEY="Your Pushover API Key Here"
USERKEY="Your Pushover User Key Here"

stime=$(date '+%s')
# timer
etime=$(date '+%s')
dt=$((etime - stime))
ds=$((dt % 60))
dm=$(((dt / 60) % 60))
dh=$((dt / 3600))
times=$(printf '%d:%02d:%02d' $dh $dm $ds)
# end timer
if [ "$exitcode" -eq 0 ]
then -p 0 -t "Command Succeeded" -T "$APIKEY" -U "$USERKEY" "succeeded in ${times} on $(hostname): $@ (in $(pwd))"
    echo "(sent pushover success notification)"
else -p 0 -s falling -t "Command Failed" -T "$APIKEY" -U "$USERKEY" "failed in ${times} (exit $exitcode) on $(hostname): $@ (in $(pwd))"
    echo "(sent pushover failure notification)"

So, for example, a failing spec test:

jantman@phoenix:pts/4:~/CMG/git/puppet-cm (AUTO-415=)$ pushover bundle exec rake spec
<lots of failing spec output that exits non-0 after 1 minute 10 seconds>
(sent pushover failure notification)
jantman@phoenix:pts/4:~/CMG/git/puppet-cm (AUTO-415=)$

Would send me a handy pushover message when it finishes:

Command Failed
failed in 0:01:10 (exit 1) on phoenix: bundle exec rake spec (in /home/jantman/CMG/git/puppet-cm)

Hopefully this is useful to someone else as well…


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