Well, I finally broke down and ordered Optimum Business. Come tomorrow, I’ll be moving from Verizon FiOS residential with a dynamic IP, much blocked (hence jantman.dyndns.org:10011) and 10Mbps down/2Mbps up to Optimum Business with 30 down/5 up, a block of 5 static IPs, and no blocked ports.

It’s going to be a crazy weekend. Probably not the best thing the week before midterms, but oh well. Tomorrow morning I’m picking up a 42U rack for home to replace the Sears shelving unit my boxes are currently on. Cablevision is supposed to be here between 2-5 PM to do the install (yes, they insist that for Business they do the install, even though it’s only a 4-foot coax run from the first splitter to the demarc). I’ve got Vyatta CE5 Beta installed on a Proliant DL360G2 as the new router, ready to go (after some configuration). I’ll probably keep FiOS up until I know the new router is working correctly (I’ll do a test on my management VLAN).

Once Optimum and the new router is up, the fun starts:

  1. Forward the appropriate ports on the new router, including 80 (in addition to 10011).
  2. Bring the old router down and make sure the new one is up, operational, and forwarding all the right ports.
  3. Update DynDNS to point to the first IP, used as a catch-all for old DynDNS links.
  4. Begin assignment of the 5 IPs (everything will be behind NAT) based on a list of what hosts need valid reverse DNS, and then adding other ports (NATed) as needed.
  5. Update DNS for JasonAntman.com and the other domains.
  6. Update Optimum reverse DNS.
  7. Ensure that everything works as planned, DNS is up, ports are forwarded, and everything is as before (at least in terms of HTTP).
  8. Once DNS is up, reconfigure Apache to have a vhost handling any legacy requests to port 10011 and rewrite them to www.jasonantman.com.
  9. Setup a vhost for ‘www’ that takes URLs that used to be subdirectories (i.e. www.jasonantman.com/blog) and rewrites them to requests for the appropriate subdomain. Simultaneously move everything from the default vhost to name-based vhosts.
  10. Ensure that old jantman.dyndns.org:10011 requests are being redirected properly, and requests for subdirectories under the web root are going to the right subdomain.
  11. Check that this all works acceptably with the existing blogger-to-wordpress rewrite script.
  12. Finally start rolling out some of the new services that I had waiting for the new connection.
  13. Start the arduous process of reconfiguring my mail server, moving from Fetchmail from Verizon to an actual mail server, make everything work, and make sure my IPs aren’t blacklisted.
  14. Ugh. Find anywhere in the entire ‘net where my old @verizon.net address appeared (especially GoDaddy, DynDNS, other important stuff) and change it to the new jasonantman.com address.
  15. Since this is all in my mother’s basement (there’s nothing like a mother’s love, especially when it comes to a constant hum emanating from the ground level of a house), figure out what to do for her when the verizon.net email goes away.

So I might have some downtime this weekend, but when things come back up, I’ll be done with this DynDNS and Port 10011 crap.


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