In a follow-up to my Some Thoughts on Choosing a New Wordpress Theme post from a few days ago, I decided on the Admired theme by Brad Thomas. It’s amazingly full-featured and has a good set of options. I had to manually change a few things in the CSS (I wanted to tweak the top bar colors a bit in a way that’s not supported in the options), but overall it was a very simple transition. While it’s unfortunately very far from valid HTML or CSS, it seems quite nice.

If you happen to read this post and see anything wrong with the theme, or it doesn’t display properly for you, please leave a comment below (with browser version and OS, if you please).

My next project, continuing on from my Inaccuracies in Google Analytics for Website Stats post, is to compare the two self-hosted JavaScript-based open source Google Analytics alternatives I’ve identified (Piwik and Open Web Analytics) and try one out on my site (keeping in mind that my server is pretty heavily loaded, and I don’t want to push it over the edge). Once I come to some sort of conclusion on that, I’ll get back to some useful posts.


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