As mentioned in my Custom Truck Console post, since my truck was stolen and now recovered (with all of the emergency equipment stripped out - weird) I’ve got to start from scratch. Since I finished the console, I’ve started work on redoing the lighting. The first grueling step was to check continuity of the existing wiring (what was left of it), strip out everything that didn’t work, and rehab what did. Then I did a few pulls, mainly a giant pull from the console to under the hood of six 16-ga wires and three 12-ga, along with a massive run of 6-ga welding cable direct from the battery (with a circuit breaker) to the console.

There’s a thread covering this install over at as well as a thread on the previous (original) installation.

This is part 1 of (hopefully only) 2. The list of what’s installed so far is:

  • Custom console.
  • Galls SE082 switch box - 3-position slider, 5 on/off rocker switches and one on-off-(on) rocker switch.
  • Radio Shack Pro-433 scanner, hopefully to be replaced by a Icom F5061.
  • B/B Whelen Dual Avenger above rearview mirror.
  • Unitrol 80K air horn (siren wires not connected)
  • 2x Sirennet 100W speakers mounted in front bumper.
  • 2x B/B Whelen LIN4’s on 10-75 Lighting front license plate bracket.

The console with equipment mounted in it:


Dual Avenger (B/B) on headliner bracket above rearview mirror - it just fits:

dual avenger on headliner bracket

Avenger from the outside:

avenger from the outside

avenger from the outside, lit

10-75 Intersection Bracket behind front license plate. B/B LIN4’s:

10-75 intersection bracket

SirenNet 100W speakers behind front bumper:

speakers in front bumper

Coming next:

  • 4x (!!!) blue Whelen 500 Linear Super LED’s in front grill, mounted with chrome flanges.
  • B/B LIN4’s on front running board mounts.
  • Blue LIN3’s on rear license plate bracket.
  • Some sort of lights in the rear window - if I can afford it, blue/amber Whelen 400 Linear’s (6-over-6) independently switched.
  • Icom F5061 VHF mobile.
  • VHF antenna, either roof mount or mounted in a stake pocket.


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