Yesterday I finally began moving DNS for my sites from GoDaddy to my own in-house system of master/slave BIND9. While both DNS servers are currently at the same location and on the same WAN connection (heck, they’re beind the same router, too), so is all of the rest of my infrastructure. Migrating was definitely the most critical task, this has allowed me to easily use my new project, MultiBIND Admin to manage DNS. In addition to just being simpler than using GoDaddy’s tool, it allows me to manage DNS for both the external view and the NATed internal view in one tool. I did have a brief mail outage thanks to some incorrect MX records being served by the slave, and a few other issues with the caching DNS servers at work not expiring the old records, but all seems to be well now. It was a relatively smooth transition, though I haven’t yet moved over some of my older less used domains.

The next part of my project, when I move the ambulance corps hosted services in-house, will be trying to find a decently-priced DNS hosting company that will just act as a slave, to keep DNS up if my WAN connection goes down.


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