Ok, an update is a long time coming, and I’ll post one this weekend with status of a lot of my projects, as well as some new information.

For now, I’m installing two beautiful SunFire x4150’s at work, and here’s a little bit of information on how to use these great boxes:

RAID Configuration is accomplished by a normal startup prompt Ctrl+ (C? I don’t remember) key sequence, as they’re x64 machines and it’s a standard RAID controller.

Serial Management is great - just connect (in Kermit I just had to set speed to 9600 and carrier-watch off) and you get a prompt that looks like SUNSP001E682F6311 login:. The numbers are the MAC address of the management interface (SP). The default login is root:changeme, as per Sun doc 819-1155-16. When you login, you’ll see the current firmware version (4.0.06 as my box shipped).

Getting a System Console - on the x4100, at the iLOM prompt, cd /SP/console, start /SYS to boot the system, and then start to get the console. On the x4150, we must start /SP/AgentInfo/Console, and use Esc+Shift+9 to get away from the console.


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