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I use git quite a bit these days, both with an internal server at work and with a bunch of my projects and random code that now live on my github account. The transition from SVN hasn’t always been easy. Here’s a quick cheat sheet of some of the things that I usually forget.

  • Show diff of the last commit:

    git diff HEAD^..HEAD
  • Roll back to version xyz of a specific file (where xyz is a SHA1 commit ref):

    git checkout xyz path/to/file
  • Undo any unstaged changes to your branch:

    git checkout -f
  • Undo any staged and working directory changes:

    git reset --hard
  • Update submodules after cloning a repository:

    git submodule update --init
  • Rebase on current master to pull in new changes:

    git rebase master
  • Rebase on current master, but for files that changed, take our version (for some reason, a plain rebase seems to sometimes show conflicts on files that haven’t changed in ages on master):

    git rebase -s recursive -Xtheirs master
  • Delete a local branch:

    git branch -d BranchName
  • Delete a remote branch from origin:

    git push origin --delete BranchName
  • Roll back your branch to the same state as the branch in origin:

    git reset --hard origin/BranchName
  • Revert a specific commit:

    git revert COMMIT_HASH
  • Track an upstream branch (i.e. in a project you forked):

    git remote add --track master upstream
  • Pull in upstream changes:

    git checkout master && git fetch upstream && git merge upstream/master
  • Merge “stuff” from someone else’s fork into yours:

    git remote add other-guys-repo URL_TO_REPO
    git fetch other-guys-repo
    git checkout my_new_branch
    git merge other-guys-repo/master
  • Prune local branches that have been deleted in the remote (origin):

    git remote prune origin


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