Well, today happens to be my 21st birthday. Now, not only can I vote or die for my country, but I can finally buy a drink when a president I didn’t vote for sends me off to war! All kidding aside, almost every year I can remember, it’s either snowed on my birthday, or been a rainy, slushy mess. This year appears to be the latter - an utterly disgusting mix of rain, slushy snow, and little chunks of ice from last night.

I haven’t had much time this week to do anything interesting - it’s been a busy week for class-related stuff, and a bunch of work-related stuff too. So, I guess I’ll just post some interesting links for the past few days…

Sun Microsystems has announced that we’ll be acquiring Innotek, and therefore VirtualBox. This means that Sun’s virtualization products will now reach to the desktop - and that I should give VirtualBox a shot for running OpenSolaris on my laptop. (aside: why is virtualization not in my Firefox spell check yet???)

Researchers at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center have come out with a version of SSH / SCP that uses multi-threading, for use in high-bandwidth applications on multi-core systems.

An ITnews article on why Open Source needs better PR.

What? Microsoft sued again? Ars Technica ran an article on the Vista Capable fiasco, with some comments from MS insiders. How is it that such a big company, with such a ubiquitous product, can constantly be sued, have MAJOR screwups, screw over their customers, and still people come back for more?

BBC News - EU Competition Regulators raid Intel offices in Munich.

A CNet article (linked from John M. Willis’ ESM Blog) on the US Treasury upping its content management budget to $28.2 million - no wonder why ww have so much debt, nobody told them about Drupal. From the article - “tens of millions on a $1 million problem”.

Roger Rustad’s Nagios Wiki, liked in a Groundwork blog entry.


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