A few months ago I posted about a script I wrote to send Pushover notifications for shell command completion.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of work lately both with testing some Jenkins jobs, and spinning up AWS stacks using CloudFormation. Last week I wrote two python scripts to aid in this.

watch_cloudformation.py uses the popular boto Python AWS interface to list (and display) the events on a specified CloudFormation stack, and exit 0 or 1 when it finds a (CREATE|UPDATE)_(FAILED|COMPLETE) event. It also optionally uses python-pushover to send the notification to your devices via Pushover.

watch_jenkins.py takes the URL to a Jenkins job or build, and uses python-jenkins to poll the status of the build (or the latest build, if given a Job url) and display the result when the build finishes, also optionally using python-pushover to send notifications to your device.

They’re really quick-and-dirty scripts and might not be suitable for everyone’s use case, but I took the time to write them, so hopefully they’ll be useful to someone else.


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