Interesting Links for Tuesday, January 26th 2010

And, most importantly… Report: Linux Gains Ground, Windows Stumbles. Apparently, according to Net Applications, Linux’s market share rose from 1 to 1.02 percent in December 2009, a small but hopeful increase. Windows marketshare fell from 92.52% to 92.21%.

Like any statistic, there are always multiple sources. The reports are a bit brighter for Linux:

OS Nov 2009 Dec. 2009 Change
Windows XP 57.57% 56.61% -0.96%
Windows Vista 21.73% 21.29% -0.44%
Windows 7 4.54% 6.80% +2.26%
Windows (Other) 1.85% 1.73% -0.12%
Mac 7.46% 7.44% -0.02%
Linux 1.80% 2.14% +0.34%

If this is accurate, it shows Linux with a sifnigicant 1-month gain in marketshare. Also notable is that in December, Android showed up for the first time, at 0.08%. In all reasonabless, that can be added to the Linux row.

Also of interest are W3Counter’s browser stats:

Browser Nov 2009 Dec. 2009 Change
IE 51.14% 50.3% -0.84%
Firefox 31.85% 32% +0.15%
Safari 4.58% 4.62% +0.04%

Also worth noting on the Browser front is that IE8’s market share rose from 21.21% (November) to 22.43% (December) while Firefox 3.5’s share jumped from 20.49% in November to 22.18% in December, a very significant stride for the brand new Firefox version. While IE8 has been out considerably longer than Firefox 3.5, they’re already almost tied in market share (and if another jump like that happens, Firefox 3.5 will be in the lead next month).


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