I spent a good part of the weekend auditing the security of my infrastructure at home, since I haven’t given it much attention lately. One of my first steps was doing a port scan with nmap of my public IPs from a remote host, both to make sure there’s nothing showing up that shouldn’t be and to get an idea of what a potential attacker might see. However, given all of nmap’s options for different TCP scans, it seemed like a lot of data to sort through. Without finding any good solution in my cursory search, I wrote up a little PHP script that takes any number of XML nmap scan files on the command line, parses out the hosts and ports found in each of them, and presents a nice table showing the result for each host/port for each scan file.

The current version of the script can be found at https://github.com/jantman/misc-scripts/blob/master/nmap-xml-to-table.php, and simply called as ./nmap-xml-to-table.php file1.xml file2.xml [...] and outputs HTML to stdout.


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