So, I’ve started a new OpenSuSE install on my eeePC. The 4GB SDHC card that I originally used was getting a bit cramped - I couldn’t even fit the kernel source! So, I bought a new 8GB SDHC card and started from scratch. I know that OpenSuSE 11 is coming up soon, but I just couldn’t wait, so I just used OpenSuSE 10.3 again.

I followed my previous how-to, and also am updating it with some new information - such as my xorg.conf. Most interestingly, though, I actually got MadWiFi to work with the Atheros AR5BXB63 on the eeePC! I haven’t tested everything yet (specifically WPA/WPA2) but it seems to work fine. I’ve updated my HowTo with the instructions, but mainly it hinges on using madwifi-ng-r2756+ar5007 (gzipped tarball) and compiling from source.

Note: This HowTo is based on the original eeePC 701 4G and OpenSuSE 10.3. It may not be needed for newer versions of OpenSuSE or newer versions of the eeePC.


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