Yes, I know I haven’t posted anything useful in a while. I’ve been quite busy at work, and hopefully I’ll post some of my DHCP stuff. In the meantime…

I’m starting a project for the ambulance corps migrating two Linux boxes to a single new server. One of them has been in production for about five years, and (partially due to the “we need it yesterday” nature of emergency services) has quite a bit of cruft laying around. Since almost everything is web-based (well, browser-based, restricted to the LAN only), there are a lot of web apps and PHP scripts that need to be migrated. This is made even more complicated by the switch from SuSE 10.1 (yes, ancient) to CentOS 5.4, and therefore from /srv/www/htdocs to /var/www/html. I could be lazy and symlink it, but I think it’s time to search down and destroy any absolute includes.

The problem with doing this is that, with any scripts in SVN, grepping for a string could potentially return three hits for a file - the actual file, the emacs save file (filename~) and the text file in the .svn directory.

The solution is actually pretty easy. To get rid of the .svn directories, we add --exclude=\*.svn\* to our grep command line (yes, I know, it excludes everything with “.svn” in the path, but that’s acceptably imprecise for my purposes). To get rid of the tilde (save) files, all we need is --exclude=\*~. It’s no problem to string them together as grep --exclude=\*~ --exclude=\*.svn\* -rin "foo bar" *.

To make this even easier, just add to your .bashrc:

export GREP_OPTIONS="--exclude=\*~ --exclude=\*.svn\*"


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