As of this morning, my Motorola Droid was still running rooted 2.0.1 (build ESD56, baseband C_01.3E.01P) with SPRecovery 0.99.2b. Well yesterday I for the random deletion of all SMS bug again, and I decided it’s time to upgrade. I never upgraded to 2.1 - mainly out of laziness. When it first came out, nobody had a patched yet to preserve root. When I looked back into the situation a few weeks ago (when Froyo/2.2 came out), I found that pretty much the whole community had moved from patched’s to full ROM images. I didn’t want to lose my apps, data, settings, etc. and couldn’t find any instructions that didn’t include a wipe/reset, so I decided to keep putting it off.

Well, after yesterday’s bug (and after I played with the Camera app on an Incredible and saw how much nicer it is), I decided it was time to bite the bullet and move to CyanogenMod ROMS. I performed the upgrade this morning, and it seems to have worked OK, though I haven’t been using the phone very much since it finished.

Rooted 2.0.1 to CyanogenMod 2.2 procedure:

I’m starting with a Motorola Droid, 2.0.1 (build ESD56), rooted, baseband C_01.3E.01P, with SPRecovery 0.99.2b

  1. Perform full Nandroid backup through SPRecovery.
  2. Run Call Logs Backup & Restore (v1.8) to backup call log.
  3. Run SMS Backup & Restore (v3.4) to backup SMS data.
  4. Run MyAppsList to make a list of all installed apps as HTML, including market links. Save to SD card.
  5. Run Bookmark Sort & Backup Free to backup bookmarks to SD card.
  6. Run ASTRO file manager and backup ALL apps to SD card.
  7. Mount the SD card on another computer and copy all the backups you just made to somewhere safe.

For the rest of the procedure, I more or less followed the CyanogenMod Droid Full Update guide.

  1. Buy & install ROM Manager Premium.
  2. Flash ClockworkMod Recovery.
  3. Use ROM Manager to backup current ROM to SD card, copy the backup somewhere safe on another computer.
  4. ROM Manager - download CyanogenMod 6.0.0 for Droid with AWDLauncher and Google Apps.
  5. Check off “wipe data and cache”, click OK.
  6. Phone reboots into recovery, flashes new image, and boots to CyanogenMod Froyo (2.2, build FRG22D), still has baseband C_01.3E.01P.
  7. Enter your Google account information to begin sync. Your Google data (calendar, contacts, etc.) should be synced as well as all of your Market apps. You will, however, lose all of your app settings.


After the upgrade, there were a few things I had to do, and a few issues that I wasn’t prepared for. Here’s a list of them, and the solutions I found (if any) in no particular order…

  • Restore bookmarks, call log, SMS backup.
  • All of my per-contact ringtones were gone. As far as I could find, there’s no known good way of backing up and restoring these.
  • I obviously lost the HD-quality video hack I’d applied to the Droid, as well as anything else I’d done in the boot settings file.
  • I apparently lost the following apps (not restored when the phone synced with Google):

  • The following apps were added by CyanogenMod (or are new since 2.0.1):

  • These apps had data associated with them which was somewhat important (I wrote the script below to handle the move):

  • Had to re-set my notification sounds - Flutey Phone for incoming calls, Look at Me for messaging and Highwire for other notifications.

  • Much to my pleasure, my WiFi settings, saved networks, etc. magically came back. Haven’t checked bluetooth yet.
  • I had to change my voicemail number (Settings -> Call Settings -> Voicemail Settings) to automatically wait and enter my password.

At the moment, this script is obviously setup to do one app at a time, hard-coded in the APP variable. It also assumes that the app data directory is stored at /sdcard/restore/$APP.




OWNER=`grep -i "$APP" /data/system/packages.list | awk '{ print $2}'`

echo "OWNER=$OWNER="

/system/xbin/mv /data/data/"$APP" /data/data/z
/system/xbin/mv /sdcard/restore/"$APP" /data/data/"$APP"
/system/xbin/rm -Rf /data/data/z

/system/xbin/chown -R 10069:10069 /data/data/"$APP"

/system/xbin/chmod 751 /data/data/"$APP"

if [ -e  /data/data/"$APP"/cache ]
    /system/xbin/chmod -R 771 /data/data/"$APP"/cache

if [ -e /data/data/"$APP"/databases ]
    /system/xbin/chmod 771 /data/data/"$APP"/databases
    /system/xbin/chmod 660 /data/data/"$APP"/databases/*.db

if [ -e /data/data/"$APP"/files ]
    /system/xbin/chmod -R 771 /data/data/"$APP"/files
    /system/xbin/chmod 660 /data/data/"$APP"/files/*

if [ -e /data/data/"$APP"/lib ]
    /system/xbin/chown -R system:system /data/data/"$APP"/lib
    /system/xbin/chmod -R 755 /data/data/"$APP"/lib

if [ -e  /data/data/"$APP"/shared_prefs ]
    /system/xbin/chmod 771 /data/data/"$APP"/shared_prefs
    /system/xbin/chmod 660 /data/data/"$APP"/shared_prefs/*

echo "DONE."

I’ll update this now and then as I have more to add to it…


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