The next week will be quite busy. For one, I’m going to attempt an OpenSolaris operating system installation on my Asus eeePC. Last I heard, there were some compatibility issues - though this was my first attempt at running the Solaris operating system on a laptop, and it took quite an effort to get my favorite mainstream Linux distro installed on the eeePC, though I’ve been running that on laptops for 6+ years.

This Sunday, March 30th, the Rutgers University Student Linux Users’ Group (RUSLUG) will be hosting our annual Installfest in the EIT Lab from 10 AM until 6 PM. While the event is generally marketed towards Linux newbies, it’s usually attended by a diverse range of students (and staff) from first-timers to Solaris sysadmins. I’ll be attendance, as always, and will also be conducting some demos of new Sun technology (mainly OpenSolaris and NetBeans). For anyone in the New Brunswick/Pisctaway area, I’ll also be armed with some door prizes and a whole plethora of CDs and DVDs. For anyone interested, I’ll be providing information and pointers on NetBeans and Solaris, as well as installation assistance (and maybe some prizes) for anyone looking to give OpenSolaris a whirl on their system.

Following up the Installfest, on Tuesday, April 1st at 9 PM (also in the EIT lab) will be the RUSLUG Newbie Night. It’s generally a fun-filled evening with Ubuntu LiveCDs and a general Q&A session about Linux. Generally this includes one-on-one assistance for new Linux users. In an effort to raise the level of content (and provide a diversion for more experienced users if there aren’t many new faces), I’ll be once again demo’ing some Sun technology, and specifically providing an overview of my recently completed personal mailserver migration from SuSE Linux to OpenSolaris. Once again, visitors can expect some door prizes and lots of fun CDs to take home.

In other RUSLUG news:

  • It looks like I’ll be running to become an officer next year. Anyone else at Rutgers can feel free to contact me with ideas, etc.
  • RUSLUG’s current box,, is a Dell desktop thrown on a shelf in a closet. I’d like to find someone willing to help out with procuring a new box. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy - just pretty simple, though I’d like to look into high capacity storage for mirroring distros. FYI, the current box is a Dell desktop with a 1.7GHz P-4 (256KB cache), 512 MB RAM, and about 250GB of IDE storage (150GB + 100GB, no RAID). We don’t need a big upgrade in processor power, but more RAM and RAID for the system and user disks would be nice (distro mirrors can be a big IDE/SATA or an external disk).


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