Many times, I’ve wished that I paid the $20 to get software for my Treo 700p to record phone calls. About a month or two ago, I had some issues with my phone and had to call Verizon Wireless. The poor woman was trying to open a ticket for me, but said that she was having some problems, as they were moving from one ticketing system to another, she was having some issues with the new one, and the old one was down at her location.

As she waited for a rep from another location to come on the line and enter the ticket, I happened to remark that I work in IT and had been doing some work with them (Eventum) lately. She mentioned that the old one was a proprietary system, but asked if I’d ever heard of Mantis. Of course, I said that I had. And was then asked if I knew much about it, and whether I might know what the problem she was having was caused by. Unfortunately, I had to say no, as I’d never used it for more than a few minutes. But I did get to confirm that a company as large and closed (they won’t support Linux, their phones run closed OS’s, and they block my port 80) as Verizon is happily transitioning from closed-source proprietary software to a GPL’d alternative. I also got another item to add to my list of telephone tech support people who have asked me (the customer) for support.

Unfortunately, I don’t see Verizon listed on the list of known Mantis users, so I have no way to fully confirm this.


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