Well, it’s been a while since I posted. Things have been horribly busy in the school world, and I have some new projects I’m working on as well. Unfortunately, due to limited resources at the moment, I haven’t been able to give Zenoss a try. If I eventually find a nice 25-30U rack for the hardware running JasonAntman.com (in the basement of my suburban home, so headroom is limited to about six feet), I’ll probably move one or two machines from my apartment back there, reorganize things, and setup a Zenoss test (*if* I can get Xen to play well with some OS that has Zenoss RPMs, or give up and compile from source).
A few of my new projects:

  • Some embedded Linux work
  • Getting my new Deluo USB WAAS GPS working with my eeePC, and eventually add software for mapping wireless networks
  • Mount an external 2.4GHz antenna on my truck, so I can hop on RUwireless without leaving the comfort of my home on wheels.
  • Get a “N” wireless card and beta the wireless-N at Rutgers.
  • Figure out development for PalmOS, and write a program to sync my Palm calendar with Google Calendar over-the-air.
  • Do some work with a radio scanner and a system at home for recording and logging (maybe even MDC1200 decoding).

My pet peeve for the day - blogs and other websites that don’t list a date last updated. I’ve been looking around for alternatives to KPilot, and I have to look through all of the Google results, and figure out how old they are based on version numbers and which Palm devices are listed.

And, from Rutgers Telecommunications, this is what RUwireless looked like over spring break, and the Monday that everyone came back:

Rutgers daily traffic graph of sr02-hill012-svcs_vlan1000 on 2008-03-25


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