Yesterday I was installing a new machine at $WORK, and we’d been having some spotty problems with Anaconda not being able to find RPMs in a specific repository. As a result, I was standing in the machine room at a cart-mounted console, watching the output of the installation. Just as I pressed the power button to give it a try, I realized that if the conditions in the machine room aren’t unpleasant enough, I probably shouldn’t have had those 3 bottles of water.

It took me about 4 seconds on Google to find out that KickStart files support a syslog directive that sends all logging for the installation process to a syslog server.

The directive in the KS file is quite simple:


Hopefully this will be as much of a help to someone else who hasn’t noticed it yet…

I found this documented in the RedHat/CentOS 5.1 Installation Guide.


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