Since I started my last job, I’ve been using Nagstamon on my workstation; it’s a really handy little system tray application that monitors a Nagios/Icinga instance and shows status updates/summary in a handy fashion, including flashing and (optionally) a sound alert when something changes. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a Fedora 17 package for it, though there is an entry on the Fedora package maintainers wishlist. The closest I was able to find is a repoforge/RPMforge package of Nagstamon, along with a source RPM.

Here are the steps to build that package on F17:

  1. Download and install rpm-macros-rpmforge.
  2. As root, edit /etc/rpm/macros.rpmforge and comment out the %dist macro, so we’ll still have the default “fc17” dist tag.
  3. wget
  4. rpmbuild —rebuild nagstamon-

Hopefully this will help someone else as well. At the moment, Nagstamon is actually up to version 0.9.9, so hopefully I’ll build a newer package sometime soon.


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