It’s a wonderful day. And if you haven’t taken a swing by the Firefox Download Site yet today, shame on you! Mozilla is attempting to get the Guinness World Record for most software downloads in 24 hours - and that 24 hours ends at 2:16 PM EDT today! So run over and get it… now! (and please download from Mozilla’s site so they have an accurate count).

Anyway, I’m going to do my part by downloading the Linux tarball on every machine I have that has a graphical display - though I don’t know if my NAT will end up being counted as one download. For the Linux users out there, I was able to find an RPM on the openSuSE site though I’m not yet sure whether it’s the release or the beta version. Windows and Mac users have it easier - Mozilla packages software for you, we have to do it ourselves or wait for someone else to.

Anyway, Firefox 3 is supposed to have much better memory usage, be a bit faster, and also have some great feature enhancements.


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