I just bought a “new” desktop - I was thinking of doing an insane AMD Phenom II x4 940 (quad-core 3.0GHz) box - but I happened to find a used machine from $WORK; a Dell Precision 470 workstation, dual Xeon Nocona 2.8GHz processors, 4GB RAM (takes up to 16GB). So, I need a DVD of my usual desktop distro (OpenSuSE) for x64. Being that I’m at work (Rutgers Unviersity), I figured the quickest thing would be to find an Internet2 mirror, as Rutgers has 400Gbps peering on NJedgeNet.

Unfortunately, the OpenSuSE Mirror List doesn’t mention which sites have I2 peering. Luckily, the first logical one I tried - the Harvard mirror - was showing an I2/MAGIPE route via traceroute.

If anyone else needs an I2 mirror of OpenSuSE, http://mirrors.med.harvard.edu/opensuse/ seems to do it. My desktop was getting a sustained +/- 160 Mbps transfer rate, and I got the entire 4.3GB DVD image in under 2-1/2 minutes.


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