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I was born in February, 1987 in New Jersey, USA, and graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ, USA in October, 2009 with a bachelor’s degree Information Technology and Informatics. In 2011 my now-wife and I moved from New Jersey to Georgia, USA, and we currently reside in Conyers, GA with a wonderful dog and four cats. I’m a geek, and proud of it. I’m currently employed at Cox Media Group‘s digital/technology department in Atlanta, GA; we develop and run an in-house CMS written in Python (quite possibly the biggest Django app out there) that hosts the web sites of our 150+ newspaper, TV and radio properties (and some other associated technologies and systems). I’m a (linux) systems engineer on the Operations Engineering team, specializing in monitoring and automation. Before coming to CMG in October 2012, I worked for a year or so as a linux sysadmin at a publicly traded company.

Before moving down to Georgia in October 2011, I worked as a Systems Administrator for Rutgers University’s Central Systems and Services group, mainly doing Linux admin/architecture work and a bit of PHP and other assorted programming. I also provided engineering and development support for our group’s largest service, RUwireless, the university’s wireless network (at the time it supported \~50,000 users and covered over large portion of the University’s 711 buildings). My big projects at RU included designing and implementing a comprehensive monitoring, backup and automation solution for the group’s production systems (Nagios, Bacula, Puppet back in the 0.24.8 days), a ground-up redesign of the DHCP infrastructure supporting all computer lab machines, and all dorm and wireless users, and implementation of a custom Puppet-managed FreeRADIUS authentication and authorization system for the university-wide wireless network (still in production and expanding).

I’m a Free Software advocate, and use Free software (aka “open source”) almost exclusively both at work and at home. Linux is my operating system of choice; at the moment I’m running Arch Linux on my work-provided MacBook Pro Retina, Fedora (soon to be Arch as well) on my desktop at home, and CentOS on most servers I control. I’ve been Linux exclusively since December 2006, started my life on the OS with SuSE 7.3 in October, 2001. This site, and all my others, used to be hosted from a rack of servers in my basement, which was collapsed down to a single VM hosted by Linode. I’m also a bit of a hardware tinkerer, though since moving to an apartment, that’s mainly been of the RaspberryPi variety, instead of the previous collection of random rack mount gear and homebrew devices.

In my life in NJ, I spent 7 years volunteering with the Midland Park Ambulance Corps; I was both a NJ certified Emergency Medical Technician (active duty March 2005-October 2011) and also handled their tech needs, including development of a custom electronic Patient Care Report (ePCR) and crew scheduling solution, and an Asterisk-based system to receive, log and display analog phone-based dispatch confirmations from responding crew members.