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In terms of ongoing projects, I should be updating RackMan sometime soon, and also adding the demo site.

I’ve begun to move DNS for all of my domains in-house, mostly because since everything is behind NAT, it’s a real pain to manage DNS entries in two places (one of them being GoDaddy’s web interface). Because of the NAT issue, I’m also writing my own BIND configuration tool, currently named MultiBIND Admin. In addition to managing multiple zones in a sane way, it stores all configuration in MySQL. Among other things, it can store different IP addresses for A records for the inside and outside views. Zone files can either be pulled by a script on the name server (push capability is being worked on) or downloaded (for uploading to a DNS hosting provider like GoDaddy).

For my final project for my XML web design class, I’m going to be making some “mashup” with RackMan, Google Maps, Google Visualizer, Nagios, and a few other tools…

Stay tuned…


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